Prices and conditions

Rent price is dependant on the renting period and on the renting length. All prices are given in French money (Euros).

For further information, please don't hesitate to ask us. We'll tell you if the period you have chosen is free and we'll give you an estimation.

When ?

The vacancies are available all the year.

Occupation schedule is given. Don't hesitate to look at it.


Renting lenght:

Minimum renting length is a week. Rentals start on Saturdays at 4 PM and stop the following Saturday at 10 PM.

Prices and conditions:

Renting price is between 550 and 1100 Euros per week. It depends on renting period. From second renting week, a discount is applied.

Euros payments are accepted.

Rent includes water and electricity consumption.

Firewood can be bought in the village shop.

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